Spotlight: VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital

Not every dog needs every vaccine


  • What they do: Dog stuff, like laying on couches, going for hikes, hanging out in the yard, judging your driving from the backseat of the car, and so on.
  • What vaccines they need: The distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus vaccine (often called the distemper combination), and the rabies vaccine.
  • Why they need them: These are considered “CORE” vaccines and are recommended for every dog. Since rabies is a deadly disease that can be transferred to humans, vaccination is required by law. The other viruses are also very contagious and can be deadly.


  • What they do: Spend time around other dogs at doggie day care, parks, kennels, grooming parlors, etc.
  • What vaccines they need: Canine influenza (dog flu), Bordetella (kennel cough), and parainfluenza virus.
  • Why: Dog flu, Bordetella, parainfluenza, and sometimes adenovirus type 2 viruses are easily transmitted. Once infected, dogs can develop sneezing, coughing, and even pneumonia.


  • What they do: They love the outdoors and may swim in or drink from freshwater lakes, ponds, or streams, stroll the city streets and drink from puddles, etc.
  • What vaccines they need: Leptospira often called the “Lepto” vaccine for short.
  • Why: Leptospira bacteria can live for months in soil and water contaminated by the urine of livestock, rodents, wild animals, and other dogs which could result in kidney and/or liver failure, lung disease, and bleeding disorders.


  • What they do: Get bitten by ticks in yards, fields, parks, where Lyme disease occurs (unfortunately this is very prevalent in our area).
  • What vaccines they need: Borrelia (Lyme) vaccine.
  • Why: Vaccination against the bacteria that causes Lyme disease can help prevent infection. Joint pain, fever, and fatal kidney failure can be consequences of this disease. They also need flea and tick-protection products as an additional layer of protection.

VCA Neshaminy Animal is located at 4197 E. Bristol Road in Trevose. Call 215-355-1116 to schedule an appointment.

PHOTO CAPTION:  Lily and Tanner are all set with their vaccines because they love being outdoors and exploring nature.

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