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Why you should get your chimney cleaned and inspected now!

With the arrival of spring comes the grand task of spring cleaning. One step that is often ignored is your home’s chimney.

While a lot of homeowners think the best time to schedule an annual chimney sweeping is in the fall, it is actually much better to take care of this important maintenance in the spring. Finding and repairing issues earlier will save you money as well as prevent possible further damage to your chimney.

Here is what happens during an inspection and sweeping: 

High-tech camera footage is taken of the interior of your chimney. This can alert you to problems like loose bricks or cracked mortar that would be hard to spot without the digital camera. Chimney sweeps can also find damage done by animals, creosote, and soot. This tool allows them to be proactive in repairing your chimney if there are any problems. 

Carbon monoxide prevention. Called the “odorless killer,” the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of people every year as well as makes thousands ill. CO2 can build up in your chimney, and unburned carbon and sulfur, or oil soot, collects in your chimney and keeps gasses from flowing causing a combustion process that makes carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance of your chimney ensures that no blockage will occur. 

Removal of creosote build-up. Creosote is the residue of everything that has come out of your chimney: smoke, gases, unburned wood particles, water vapor, hydrocarbon, and other minerals. Creosote is very dangerous because it is highly flammable. A large build-up of creosote in your chimney that is not removed puts you directly at risk for a chimney fire.

Call American Chimney today at 215-364-0881 to schedule a thorough cleaning and inspection so that you will be ready for the start of chimney season in the fall.

PHOTO CAP: Creosote build-up creates a fire and CO2 hazard. Call and schedule a cleaning today!

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