Spotlight: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body, and Spirit Advisor

Little treasures to love life

Our purpose is to understand that God is the Eminence of all Love.

Love is what brings people together in harmony. Love is one of the universal laws of mankind. Love is one of the building blocks of the universe.

When you go outside and see the stars in the sky at night, I would like you to think about God’s universe because it has powers to help you. As the Mystic Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “The Holy relationship is a way of matching up with the universe source of Creation.” 

Our optimism can change our reality. Our life purpose is to wake up each and every day with the sun with an understanding that we should pursue life with passion.

With that vision we should look to the future as we build momentum towards a goal with reflection, so we can measure our past mistakes. Mistakes are the building blocks for us to measure while on the way to achieving total fulfillment of our being as we pursue a higher consciousness.

As we go through life’s cycles of ups and downs, I think a good way to look at the big picture is to endure with the attitude of gaining strength of understanding. When we hit the low cycles of life, we can understand the little treasures of life like, gardening, or walking, and watching a good sunrise.

These little treasures along with praying will help us through the low cycles of life as we gather strength to new heights of happiness again.

Call 267-570-9042 or e-mail and let Dan McMeans help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your life, and how renewed perspective can change your future.

PHOTO CAP: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body and Spirit Advisor

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