SPOTLIGHT: American Paving Contractors

Where does the time go? It feels as if we just finished the holidays and cold weather!

Now here we are ready to watch the kids finish another year of school, fill the pools, and think about our plans for the summer! So how does your driveway look?

Did the winter weather take a toll on it? Do you have cracks and damaged asphalt? That’s where American Paving Contractors, Inc. can help.

Driveways are pretty durable, but over time they take a beating and need some attention. Sometimes all they need are a few minor repairs and maybe some sealcoating.

But eventually driveways need more intense repairs and/or replacement. Maybe you’ve always wanted to install a new driveway but have been putting it off. Let us come out and have a look.

We would like to send out our asphalt experts to look at your driveway/property and give you an honest assessment of what your needs are. American Paving Contractors, Inc. is a small business, and the owner, John Kline, is a Trevose native who now resides in Huntingdon Valley.

John takes great pride in the quality of the work he and his team provide to this community. We look forward to hearing from you at 215-943-1855 to discuss your driveway needs.

Wishing you and your families healthy, sunny days ahead.

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