Spotlight: VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital

Supporting the joy of pet ownership by helping pets find and remain in loving homes.

Donations from VCA Clients have been hard at work. Through grants and partnerships with shelters and animal welfare organizations, VCA Charities provide much needed funds to pets in need.

HOPE FUNDS – Our Helping Overcome Pet Emergencies (HOPE) Funds provide financial support for income-qualified pet owners who cannot afford the cost of emergency veterinary care.

READY FOR RESCUE – Pet ownership brings joy to the entire family, which is why we help animal shelters and rescues ready their adoptable pets for loving homes through Ready for Rescue Grants.

DISASTER RELIEF – We are here to help our nonprofit partners assist pets in need when – not if – the next disaster strikes. Disaster Relief Grants provide financial support to animal welfare organizations whose communities have suffered the impact of natural or other disasters.

FIGHTING HOMETOWN HUNGER – Designed to help keep pets in loving homes, VCA Charities’ Fighting Hometown Hunger program provides healthy, nutritious meals to pets through nonprofit partners with pet food pantries in local communities across the country.

HOW YOU CAN HELP – Make a donation at check-out the next time you are at a VCA Animal Hospital or visit to donate online. For more information, please visit the website, or look for VCA Charities on Instagram @vcacharities. Any questions can be directed to

PHOTO CAP: Fuego and Quattro were rescued by Dr. Myers from Save the Cats Rescue almost 12 years ago. They now live like kings with Dr. Myers and her two kids.

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