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Now that we are deep into the winter season, some folks might be experiencing some pains at their toes that rarely occur in warmer months. Let’s face it, flip flops or sandals can be worn into October these days.

But the cooler temperatures usually compel us to wear shoes that cover our toes. For some people, that means eventual pain. 

If you have a hammertoe, wearing a closed-toe shoe can cause rubbing on the top of that toe. After a few weeks, a callus can develop and sometimes it hurts too.

If left unattended, it can get worse or even infected. I see this every winter.

Another common toe pain that repeats during cool weather is the corn on the side of a toe, like the fourth or fifth toes. This usually happens because these toes want to splay outward a bit when walking, but the closed-toed shoes keep these toes squeezed together.

Like described earlier, these toes rub against each other and start to cause a painful callus. It’s not your imagination this happened last year too. 

Less common is when I see a patient with a bruised toenail caused by a closed toe shoe. Usually there is no history of injury or trauma.

The only thing that changes is the shoe style. The bruising can be subtle or accumulate to discolor the whole nail; sometimes the nail even gets loose.

This process occurs when a person is walking their normal daily steps, but the topside-tip of their big toe hits the inside of the shoe. Proper shoe sizing, shoe material decisions, and the shape or posture of the toe all play a part in addressing this problem.

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, please think of calling Sohl Foot and Ankle at 267-699-3839.

We would love to help anyone with these issues. All you have to do is call.

PHOTO CAP: This fourth toe rubs the inside of the patient’s closed-toe shoe every step.

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