February 2024 – Community Good Works Edition

We join with our neighbors in welcoming in the new year – not just with words but with actions. We all play an important role. Families, schools, government, businesses, clubs, and organizations contribute important ingredients to create community.

For us to thrive, we must trust and support each other. By living and working in good faith (to the best of our abilities) we carry out our roles as promised. We all have strengths and weaknesses and if we can find opportunities to do Good Work, each one of us can contribute to building a strong community. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I present to you this year’s community edition, weaving together the colorful and vibrant fabric of life that represents your hometown.

Further, we publish with the same goal every month. Curating a mix of paid and free news, we hope that it inspires you to become or continue to be a Good Works contributor all year.

Warm regards,

Donna Allen, Publisher

10 Bucks County Newspapers

Donna AllenAbout Us – Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. distributes via direct-mail to every household and business in Central & Lower Bucks County, PA. We publish 10 different community newspapers (the size of a magazine but on newsprint) 11 times per year.

We are directly-mailed to 129,693 households and businesses for total market saturation in the areas on the map on this page (click to view larger version – includes zip codes and mailed circulation totals).

Our publications: The Yardley Voice, Morrisville Times, Fairless Focus, Newtown Gazette, Northampton Herald, Langhorne Ledger, Southampton Spirit, New Hope News, Doylestown Observer and the Warwick Journal are created to build Pride & Fellowship in each community.

Our “hyper-local” news coverage of each community offers our 324,322 READERS a unique blend of information pertaining to their own localities and it can’t be found anywhere else in print or on the web. We are a NICHE PUBLICATION.

Reporting on non-profit clubs & organizations, community events, and profiling local businesses that are unique to each of the 10 communities we serve, we will celebrate our 25th ANNIVERSARY in the spring of 2019!

Visit our Calendar for upcoming events, browse our Classified Ads, browse our featured stories online. Then click on our Advertising or Contact Page for reach us for more information about promoting your group or your company.

Our group of newspapers can strengthen your connection to one or all ten of our communities in Bucks County

Donna Irene Allen
Editor & Publisher



BCEDC Diverse Business Fund Initiative Award

October 2021

BCEDC Executive Director Robert Cormack, left, presents Donna Allen, Publisher of Times Publishing Newspapers, with the BCEDC “Diverse Business Fund Initiative” award.

On September 29th Bucks County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) held their 62nd Annual Reorganization Meeting at Northampton Valley Country Club, where our team at Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. was recognized for our commitment to expand the economic base in Bucks County.

Throughout the pandemic BCEDC has been helping companies such as Times Publishing to stay open and continue serving the community.

For over 26 years, under the direction of Publisher, Donna Allen, and Editor, Mark Allen, we have been publishing positive “feel good” news all around Bucks County, delivering hyper-local news to your mailboxes.

Our papers are easily recognized for their bright uplifting colors, arriving 11 months out of the year. We have had to make numerous adjustments to keep our business afloat and continue to succeed.

Donna accepted the award from BCEDC’s Executive Director Robert Cormack, who spoke on the success of the “Back2Work” program thus far.

The “Back2Work” program has contributed money to help people grow their business and stay in operation throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This past year, they awarded $7.8 million in total, and created and retained 1,299 jobs.

BCEDC touched on the importance of supporting small businesses and sustaining the economy, now more than ever.

Bucks County Commissioners also took the floor at the meeting to discuss numerous issues they have observed across the county throughout the pandemic.

Commissioner Diane Marseglia, LCSW, spoke on how this time has come to be called “The Great Resignation,” showing the true income disparities in our country and community.

In a recent survey, she said 88% of companies are struggling to fill jobs, while 65% of workers are looking for a new job. These issues and more are reflected across the country.

So, what’s behind the difficulty to retain and withhold employees? Wellness at work has become a main focus for employers and employees alike.

Recently, the US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and Deputy Secretary Don Graves launched the Job Quality Initiative. “Having a job isn’t just about a paycheck – it’s also about the dignity that comes with it,” said Secretary Raimondo. “And if we expect our hardworking Americans to be top-quality workers, we must ensure that employers are providing top quality jobs.”

But offering jobs with outstanding benefits isn’t all that today’s workers are seeking.

A workplace willing to offer a work-life balance so many of us crave, who is lenient to keep employees happy and healthy while weathering unspeakable storms, offering the ability to work remotely and being willing to work together to stay afloat. This is what we at our small newspaper company have largely witnessed.

“There isn’t a single silver bullet that defines a quality job – it’s all these elements working together in concert. In today’s labor market, companies that provide quality jobs – where people want to work – have a clear competitive advantage,” says Deputy Secretary Graves.

At Times Publishing Newspapers, we have moved on to rebrand our papers, now the “champion of small businesses.” As a small business ourselves, we have continued to move forward, contributing to the economic base of Bucks County in the face of adversity.

Donna has been embracing change throughout the pandemic, keeping our doors open by arranging to feature more small businesses.

It’s as fitting a time as ever to reflect on how far Donna has grown Times Publishing, over the past 26+ years, and look ahead on how we will continue to grow.

The Morrisville Times, our very first paper, was born 26 years ago, in the hometown of Donna and Mark at the time. Donna rarely gives herself the recognition she deserves but anyone who works with her may hear her describe the way she handled every aspect of her first paper and beyond.

She did so with a baby on her hip, wielding a camera and pen in hand while she sold and designed ads and continued to expand with each paper, covering more territories of Bucks County and bringing her life partner Mark on as editor.

Together, they have seen the business grow into 10 hyper-local newspapers featuring the “good news” that’s fit to print.

Over the past two years, the business has weathered the many twists and turns of the pandemic. Community has always been paramount to us, and we are proud to have been recognized by the BCEDC for our contribution to the economic recovery of our county and the many businesses that make Bucks what it is.

We are and will continue to be the “good news” – the backbone of what makes a community strong and what keeps us going in the face of adversity.
“We are the heartbeat of the community, delivered to your homes,” Donna says.

Delivered today to over 324,000 readers in Bucks County, we anticipate many more years of serving you and providing you with the “feel good” news highlighting all our community is doing to stay afloat.

Written by Tianna G. Hansen

Entrepreneurial Spirit Champions of Commerce Award

November 2017

Eight exceptional individuals, businesses or organizations were selected by the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce to receive their signature 2017 Champions of Commerce Awards. The Chamber’s Selection Committee, including some of the area’s most accomplished business professionals, received many nominations in all eight categories of those who exemplify “Making a Difference Where We Work, Live and Learn.”

“It was overwhelming to see the number of impressive nominations received. The eight winners selected truly exemplify the meaning of Champion in their respective categories as seen by the impact that their dedication, drive, and focus has made on the community,” stated Amy M.B. McKenna, President & CEO of the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Champion of Commerce
Donna Irene Allen, Publisher of Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc.

Community Partner of the Year Award

October 2017

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As a symbol of appreciation for all that Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. does in the community, Soroptimist International of Indian Rock invited the publisher, Donna Allen, and editor, Mark Allen, to a dinner program as guest speakers on October 4th, 2017 and presented them with the new “Community Partner of the Year” award.

Times Publishing is the first recipient of this award in recognition of their continual support within the growing community and their mission of publishing only the “good news” that’s fit to print.

“We want to promote groups and organizations that provide leadership through action,” said Donna.

Donna founded Times Publishing in April 1994 and built the indie publishing company with her own hands, one paper at a time.

When she began her career working as a stringer in the newspaper industry during the early 90s, she noticed the lack of positive “feel good” news being circulated to the communities.

“It’s not that negative news is bad,” Donna said, “but I wanted to create a sense of pride and fellowship in the community with inspirational stories.”

Donna began her business with one paper and slowly grew to three in which she handled every aspect – taking photographs, writing editorial and covering events, selling ads and designing each page by


Since then, Times Publishing has expanded to 10 papers distributed each month, reaching over 321,000 readers in Bucks County, and anticipates future expansion in rolling out new papers soon.

“I’m proud as an employer to offer a gainful work environment where my employees are happy and I’m proud as an individual for the hard work I’ve done to get where I am today.”

The journey has been one of gradual growth, but well worth the effort. 

“I love every aspect of my job,” Donna said. “I’ve gained so much insight over the years, and I believe newspapers like ours are here to stay.”

Patti Cullen, secretary of Soroptimist, expressed her gratitude for Times Publishing’s unwavering support.

“We are so excited to present our new ‘Community Partner of the Year’ award to Donna and Mark Allen, Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc., for their continued support in our efforts to raise awareness of important issues affecting families in Bucks County,” Patti said. “This award is to celebrate Donna and Mark’s outstanding successes as well as thank them for their extraordinary efforts to make a difference in our community.”

At the dinner, Donna and Mark discussed some of their relationships and experiences within the community, their roles at Times Publishing, and their visions for the paper.

“My philosophy is, it’s the people’s paper,” said Mark. “We support community organizations and groups that are often passed over by other local media outlets. If they’re involved in making the community a better place, they belong in our paper.”

Times Publishing Newspapers strives to provide the community with stories that will inspire, stories that will touch the hearts of the community and encourage all to “Love thy neighbor.”

“Journalism is important in our lives,” said Donna. “You can’t stop bad things from happening, but you can control how you respond to them. No other paper focuses on the good like we do.”

Outstanding Community Service

October 2015

The Morrisville Senior Servicecenter honors Donna and Mark Allen of Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. for Outstanding Customer Service.

Community Partner Award

May 2015

In recognition of exemplary dedication, generosity, ongoing commitment to helping end domestic violence and creating a flourishing Bucks County, and our support of and collaboration with A Woman’s Place.

Thank you for your passion, perserverance, and partnership.

Certificate of Appreciation

June 2006

Washington Crossing Society Children of the American Revolution presented this Certificate of Appreciation with thanks and love to Donna Allen, Publisher, Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc., for her help and support of the Society’s Public Relations 2005-2006.