Spotlight: Joe McIlvaine Tree & Lawn

As the summer season gets into full swing and barbeques are had under the shade of your mature trees it also a good time to look up and assess the health of them.

There are many environmental factors that affect the health of your trees. The three main factors that a homeowner can control are the water, nutrients and pest

Watering trees may be necessary if they are young or newly planted. Trees need an average of 10 gallons of water per inch of tree diameter per week.

When watering trees, deeper, less-frequent applications of water promote better root growth than shallow, more-frequent irrigation. Watering should occur around the drip line and not at the base of the trunk.

Next comes the nutrients in the soil. You can have your soil tested around the tree to see what nutrient is lacking.

This will give you or your professional a better profile to target their fertilization program. Proper nutrients will support shoot and leaf growth and bolster a tree’s defenses against disease and pests.

Then we can inspect for problematic insect or disease activities that will destroy your trees. The majority of insects will not kill the tree, but early diagnosis and control gives the professional a better chance to keep the tree vigorous and healthy.

Insecticides and fungicides can be administered in various ways to prevent targeted treatment.

If you see signs of stress in your tree or would like a free quote to keep your tree healthy call Joe McIlvaine’s Tree service at 215-322-8394 or visit us at

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