Spotlight: Sohl Foot & Ankle

Did you know you can get rid of ingrown nails…PERMANENTLY! It’s true!

Some folks out in the community have already had this service performed by their podiatrist. But for the uninitiated, it can be a game changer for their own foot care and comfort.

With a simple five-minute procedure, your recurrent ingrown nail can be dealt with once and for all. Just think…no more ingrown nails to dig out every few weeks or months.

No more pain at the pedicure spa. No more struggling to fold yourself in half just to dig out that piece you know is in there but can’t see. No more worry, no more pain!

By the way, we use anesthetic so the procedure doesn’t hurt at all. Many times, over my 11 years in practice, I’ve been left disappointed when I meet an adult that has been getting their ingrown nail painfully clipped out for years and years.

When I explain that this simple in-office procedure can solve this problem, lots of patients express frustration that this service hasn’t been offered earlier. Fun podiatry fact: ingrown nails are quite common with young people, like ages 12-18.

Permanently removing a small piece of ingrowing nail can spare these kids decades of recurrent pain issues. But folks older than 20 aren’t out of the woods.

If someone stubs their toe real badly, an ingrown nail can develop several months later setting a person up for a lifetime of painful digging.  Of course, this procedure isn’t for every person.

There are a few excluding criteria, but for most people this procedure is a safe and simple solution. If you have a recurrent ingrown nail, please call Sohl Foot & Ankle at 267-699-3839 and we will get started on helping you solve this issue…permanently. 

PHOTO CAP: Don’t suffer any longer when your ingrown nail can be fixed forever.

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