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What is that lump?

Did you know you can get a cyst on your foot? It’s not that common, but when they occur, they can be a real pain…pun intended!

The most common type of cyst I encounter is a ganglion cyst. It’s a benign cyst (meaning it won’t lead to death), but it can cause some pain or cosmetic issues.

A ganglion cyst usually develops adjacent to a tendon or joint. So when one of these forms on the top or side of the foot, it is pretty easy to spot.

Some cysts can remain rather small, but I have seen several that were a couple inches long. If you spot one don’t panic. A helpful podiatrist like me can be of service.

One of the weird/cool things about ganglion cysts is that they are filled with a fluid that resembles the consistency of hair gel. This gelatinous fluid is fairly easy to remove with a process called needle aspiration (like deflating a balloon). 

One of the frustrating things about a ganglion cyst is that despite best efforts, they can fill up again. Repeat aspirations can be performed, but if that doesn’t tame the cyst down, surgical excision may be required.

Again, don’t panic…if the cyst returns for an encore, the surgical removal is a simple and straightforward procedure. 

There really isn’t a way to prevent getting a ganglion cyst as we live our lives. Some people just get them, but most people don’t.

The good news as I mentioned earlier is that they are benign and fairly easy to treat. If you think you have a weird lump (new or old) on your feet or ankles, give Sohl Foot & Ankle a call at 267-699-3839 and we’ll fix you up. That’s what we do.  

PHOTO CAP: A ganglion cyst can be easily treated so don’t hesitate to call

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