Susan Tafel grooms Lydia Darragh before her performance in ‘The Walls Have Ears’

The Walls have Ears is a story of spy craft that takes place in Philadelphia during the British occupation. What makes this story so unique is that the spy is a Quaker.

It’s early December 1777; the British have occupied Philadelphia since September 27th. Washington has moved his army to Whitemarsh, and Congress now meets in York.

Their immediate goal is to prevent an attack on their new rendezvous and to stop British forays into the countryside for food. The Continental Army is being supplied from Lancaster and Reading; they, too, need protection.

General Washington’s safety is a high priority. British spies reveal to William Howe Washington’s location and vulnerabilities.

With this information, the British commander develops a strategy and does so in a house at Second and Callowhill; it’s the Quaker home of Lydia and William Darragh.

Since the Quaker faith forbids its members to involve themselves in conflicts, Howe sees this as a safe haven. Or is it?

The Darragh family has seen British brutality – citizens being dragged alive from behind a horse through the streets of Philadelphia or burned out of their homes under suspicion of sheltering patriots.

In spite of her Quaker faith and with the help of her family, Lydia overhears the plan and concocts a clever ruse.

Robin and Susan Tafel, 215-441-4154,

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