Spotlight: Dan McMeans – Mind, Body, Spirit Advisor

Mind propulsion for treatment of depression

When we consume our thoughts in the material world, we have to watch what we read. It’s so important to absorb positive content so your brain will constantly reorganize itself and its synaptic connections which generates electrical signals to thousands of prefrontal neurons of the brain.

These new thoughts will help quiet your brain and help project a new beginning for many years to come. Let’s explore the vastness of our minds.

It is vital for us to believe that we can move mountains with our minds by allowing ourselves to expand the capabilities of our true potential. This enables us to achieve new levels of attainment and excellence in order to fulfill our life’s purpose.

That’s what it’s all about – your life’s purpose! Then, you can think and wonder with boundless imagination which in turn helps you create ideas that can only be a result of being free of fear.

When faced with negativity. It’s important to have the right frame of mind to approach the situation.

If you wake up each day with the abundant powers of the sun and with the objective of placing one foot in front of the other to honor God and not live in the past and to dedicate yourself towards your life’s ambitions – you will be able to overcome the negativity that comes your way with grace and honor from above.

As Jesus said, “The one who seeks should not cease seeking until he finds.” Dan McMeans can help you explore your fears, expand your mind, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Call 267-570-9042 to begin your personal journey.

PHOTO CAP: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body and Spirit Advisor

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