Spotlight: American Paving Contractors

You can feel it in the air…summer is coming to an end. Fall and (ugh) winter are on the way!

Now is the time to think about your driveway and how it will hold up through the cold months ahead. While you may need only some basic crack repairs and sealcoating, if your driveway is in poor condition, you may need some more extensive work done.

We recommend having a paving professional come out to look at your driveway before it’s too late in the season to do the work. When the temperatures get too cold, paving and/or sealcoating cannot be done optimally, if at all.

American Paving Contractors, Inc. will tell you what you need and not oversell you on our services. If we give you an estimate now, you can lock in the price for next year.

American Paving Contractors, Inc. takes great pride in being a well-established, professional company with all necessary credentials. We are a small company with a hands-on owner, which allows for accountability and accessibility.

We look forward to hearing from you to give you a free estimate for paving your residential and/or commercial properties. Call us at 215-943-1855.

Make sure to use our coupon to save $150 on all jobs over $2,000!

PHOTO CAP: Trust American Paving Contractors with your residential/commercial job.

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