Spotlight: VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital

Help your pet beat the heat with these cool tips!

#VCA NeshaminyRising temperatures can cause dogs and other outdoor animals to suffer from heatstroke, which can lead to illness and sometimes death.

Warning signs of heatstroke include:

*Excessive panting, trouble breathing;

*Glazed eyes;

*Drooling, salivating;


*Bright red tongue and gums.

Help your pet overcome heatstroke.

If your pet has heatstroke, take the following actions to help lessen the potential severity of the situation:

*Quickly move him/her to a cool area;

*Offer cool water to drink only if your pet is willing to do so;

*Place a fan at least three feet away from your pet;

*Place cool – not cold – compresses or wet towels on his/her belly and legs and around his/her neck, or spritz those areas with cool water – DO NOT use ice;

*Bring your pet to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.

Help prevent your pet from getting heatstroke.

It takes just a little planning to help prevent your pet from getting heatstroke in the first place.

Be sure to:

*Have fresh, clean water available at all times;

*Keep your dog in shady, open and well-ventilated places;

*Exercise or play in the morning or at dusk when the temperature is cooler, and avoid hot surfaces;

*Do not leave your dog in the car when it’s warmer than 60 degrees, even for a short period of time.

Watch your pet’s paw pads on hot asphalt surfaces!

Press your palm against the asphalt for seven seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s going to burn your dog’s paws. Asphalt can reach 150 degrees on a 90 degree day – OUCH!

For more information or to schedule an appointment for your furry friend, contact VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital at 215-355-1116.

Located at 4197 E. Bristol Road, Oakford. We are happy to assist you in event of heatstroke.




PHOTO CAP: “Whinnie Lou,” a staff member’s dog, staying cool in the sun.

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