Spotlight: Doylestown Sunoco

Now is the time to prepare your tires for the winter weather!

Maintaining the tires on your car is vital for proper traction in the wintertime. Don’t get caught in a snowstorm unprepared!

Get ready for the winter with us – it could be as bad as last year. Tires must combine three fundamental features to deliver good wintertime performance: an appropriate tread design, pliable tread compound and sufficient tread depth.

With modern advancements in engineering and science, there are now cutting-edge tread designs made from advanced rubber compounds – leaving tread depth as the remaining variable that often determines wintertime performance of your tires. Thick tread is best for snow traction; it offers better handling when the roads are covered in snow and/or ice.

A thick tread also gives less chance of hydroplaning in the rain. After five years, tires will dry rot regardless of the number of miles they have been used. They crack and split, and the rubber gets hard and noisy.

So, even if you haven’t been driving as much as normal, you still want to be sure you have road-worthy wheels to take you where you need to go (especially in event of an emergency). Keep you and your family safe.

A lot is riding on your tires. At Doylestown Sunoco, we can get any brand of tires for you.

When you purchase with us, you’ll also receive FREE rotations for the life of the tires. We currently have a sale running for $50 off a set of four (4) tires and $25 off a set of two (2) tires.

Call 215-345-7676 for more info or check us out online

Doylestown Sunoco is located for your convenience at 610 N. Main Street.

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