Spotlight: Evolution Candy

The Easter Bunny is hopping into town early this year on March 31st! But don’t worry, Tracy and James at Evolution Candy have you covered with their custom-made Easter baskets!

From Peeps to Cadbury Crème Eggs, chocolate bunnies of various sizes and Easter-themed Pez, as well as Reese’s peanut butter eggs, gummy bunnies, and much, much more, they have everything you need to create your own Easter basket.

However, did you know: Evolution Candy can also put together the perfect Easter basket for you! Simply stop by, call, e-mail, or visit their website and let them know your kid’s favorites and they’ll do the rest!

Chocolate/no chocolate, they’ve got you covered! Allergic to peanut butter? Nothing with peanut butter will be included in the basket.

Have multiple kids that need things similar? They understand.

Need to keep everything within a certain price range? They offer multiple sizes and styles of baskets to fit your needs. Since 2018, Evolution Candy has been helping the “Easter Bunny” to make sure all the kids in Bucks County have all their favorite Easter treats on that special Sunday morning. 

Get ahead of the last-minute Easter rush and place your order for an Easter basket…they look forward to helping you! 

PHOTO CAP: Does the Easter Bunny need a little help with baskets this year? (photo credit: Cole Johnston)

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