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Specializing in renovation and new pool design

Just like any other area of your home, a pool requires regular maintenance and, over time, renovation. There are a number of different aspects and design features of a pool that you can choose to upgrade. Renovations to an existing pool generally fall into two categories: Modernization of pool systems or improvements to the aesthetics of the pool and deck areas.

Modernization of equipment includes such things as the filtration system, pumps, heater, salt system, cleaning system, etc. Aesthetic improvements can include changing or upgrading the tile, changing the interior finish of the pool, remodeling the deck and the coping, etc.

The best place to start is by planning your budget and prioritizing the improvements that are most important to you and your family. Here is a list for consideration.

  • Remodel a vinyl pool with a new liner.
  • Re-plastering the interior of your pool or spa can give it a completely different look.
  • New surfacing materials can beautify your pool quickly and affordably.
  • Decking, Tile and Coping can be replaced to beautify the design.
  • Mechanical renovations include upgrading your pump, filters, heater, etc. to increase energy saving and lower maintenance costs.
  • Automatic pool covers can lower your energy costs and improve pool safety.
  • Add new features which can include a waterfall, water slide, underwater lighting, a new pool entry, spa and more.
  • A complete pool remodel may be the best bet for an older or outdated pool.

Anton & Sons Pools is a full-service design and construction company that has been in business for over 30 years. They offer superior pool renovations and can show you the many possibilities. Call 215-348-3212 to schedule an appointment or visit

PHOTO CAP: A renovation can restore your older pool to a beautiful modern version. Explore the options with Anton & Sons Pools.

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