Spotlight: Plumstead Christian School

Make an eternal impact with your tax dollars

Direct your PA state income tax to Plumstead Christian School for our need-based tuition assistance program. 

Here’s how, and here’s why:

Plumstead Christian School is growing. More and more families are discovering that our school thinks and behaves biblically about current cultural issues.

In order to make a Plumstead Christian School education a reality for a lot of these families we provide a lot of need-based tuition assistance. 

Some of this money came from an incredible Pennsylvania state program known as the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) that allows people who owe PA income tax to direct their tax dollars to our school to be used exclusively for need-based tuition assistance. 

The thought that we can have some say over how our tax dollars are spent is absolutely amazing. Who doesn’t want that kind of freedom?

As enrollment season for next year is underway, the number of families who need tuition assistance at Plumstead Christian School is swelling. We are looking for investors. 

The dividends that such an investment yields cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but rather in the hearts, souls, and minds of the children we serve. EITC participants are truly shaping the next generation.

“Pay your PA income tax” to Plumstead Christian School. Invest in the children.

Call 215-766-8073 and ask us how you can be a blessing in this way!

Individuals or companies (LLC’s, S corps, and C corps) who participate in Pennsylvania’s EITC program for a two-year commitment receive 90% of their original gift back as a state tax credit each year, and by designating Plumstead Christian School as the recipient of these tax dollars you can have the confidence that your tax dollars are going to an institution that celebrates and reinforces biblical values. 

To schedule a tour or to learn more about the school, contact our Director of Admissions at or 215-766-8073 or visit the website at

PHOTO CAP: Call Plumstead Christian School to schedule a tour today!  

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