Spotlight: Joe McIlvaine Tree & Lawn

Now is the perfect time to inspect your trees! As spring rolls in it is time to turn our attention to the landscaping and shade trees that we will be enjoying shortly.

Before the leaves return to the canopies, inspect the wood structure for dead branches or widow makers hanging around.

Tell-tale signs of dead branches are an absence of buds or bark that is falling off. A less obvious sign are cankers growing off the wood. Dead branches and hangers need to be properly trimmed to ensure time for the wounds to heal over.

The next step is to inspect the ground surrounding the trees. Too much or too little water will hurt the health and vigor of your plantings. For young trees this can be especially detrimental.

If the area is really dry, mulch can be added to conserve moisture. Keep the soil covered with about four inches of mulch starting a few inches from the base of the trunk. Be careful not to mulch up the trunk.

Lastly, remove any tightly wrapped lights or string which can grow into the tree. Once these steps are complete, the tree will be ready to absorb nutrients and provide a shady spot to enjoy.

If you have questions and would like an arborist to consult on your plant health call Joe McIlvaine’s Tree Service at 215-322-8394 or visit us at

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