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10 ways to increase the curb appeal of your home!

How often do we look at our homes and think our home is either cookie cutter or drab? If that is what you’re thinking, then here are some ways to increase your homes curb appeal.

Metal roofing – If you have a bay window, a pent roof, or a front porch you can replace the shingles with a standing seam metal panel roofing so the metal panels will provide an accent to the front of your house.

Board and batten or cedar shake siding – These vinyl siding profiles will provide a break from the existing vinyl siding and provide texture and depth.

Decorative accents – There are many different closed cell foam accent pieces that can provide a decorative touch to your home such as corbels, window headers, porch post columns or gable louvers. There are many more options.

Color change – Choosing a contrasting color on the front of your house also attracts the eye.

Stone façade – Removing existing vinyl siding and installing a stone façade can create a sense of warmth and texture that adds pop to the front of your home.

Shutters – If you add shutters, you create a different aesthetic and provide color.

Garage doors – Remove the old wood panel garage doors and install new garage doors with windows or barn style doors can really change your homes profile.

Railings – Front porches often have railings made with 2×4’s. Try changing to posts with acrylic panels to provide an unobstructed site line.

Window boxes – They provide color and warmth to the front of your home.

Landscaping – A change of plants, bushes, or even the size or shape of your landscaping bed can create a different appearance.

Any combinations of the above thing can really increase your home appearance. Trust C&C Family Roofing & Siding for all your siding and roofing needs. Call us at 215-999-6248.

PHOTO CAP: Transform your home from shabby to chic

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