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Spring cleaning: Make sure to include your chimney!

There are many benefits to tackling a top-to-bottom housecleaning project, but what good does it do to clean the entire house and fail to get the chimney and fireplace cleaned?

As a major focal point in any room, a fireplace can be a pleasure in any season, or it can be an eyesore. Just in case you’ve never been sold on the idea of Spring Cleaning, consider this: Life can feel less stressful when your home environment is clean and clutter-free.

Feeling less stress can mean better health. 

Anytime you use your fireplace, some amount of creosote is deposited in your chimney flue. When it gets hot outside, particularly if moisture has made its way into your chimney, the deposits in the liner can emit a sour odor, which makes its way into your home’s interior.

Your home will smell fresher when you have a clean fireplace and chimney.  There could be damage to your chimney or flue liner.

All moisture damage should be repaired quickly and efficiently, to cut down on the cost of repairs and the extent of resulting deterioration. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends an annual cleaning of your chimney.

By scheduling your chimney cleaning and inspection in warm seasons, you beat the typical fall and winter rush. When you hire American Chimney, you will have a licensed, reputable chimney sweep to clean your chimney and fireplace.

Include your chimney as part of your spring cleaning and book your chimney inspection and cleaning today! Call us at 215-364-0881 or

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