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The importance of getting a tune-up for your car

For everyone back on the road, it’s essential to get a tune-up for your car, which usually entails changing spark plugs and air filters. These tune-ups give your vehicle better gas mileage, keeping more money in your wallet!

There are many other benefits to a tune-up for your car as spring weather comes around. It helps ensure your car will start more easily after the winter months.

The change in season affects more than your mood – it affects your vehicle too. You can give your four wheels more power and keep that idle smooth by getting the necessary tune-up to maintain your motor’s purr. 

One common cause of a check engine light is misfire codes from spark plugs wearing out. You can easily avoid this and keep your check engine light off.

Whether or not you believe a tune-up is necessary, it’s an important procedure to keep your car running. Check your vehicle’s owner manual to see when a tune-up is suggested for your particular make and model.

Keep your car running smoothly and get better gas mileage, more power and easier starts with the proper tune-up!

Doylestown Sunoco is now offering a 10% off special on tune-ups so, call 215-345-7676 and schedule your appointment today. Doylestown Sunoco is located at 610 N. Main Street in Doylestown. They offer pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience. 

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