Spotlight: Jamison Innovative Dentistry

At Jamison Innovative Dentistry, we see hundreds of patients who come looking for a solution to replace damaged or missing teeth.

Dental implants can restore not only the functionality of teeth, but they can provide a new appearance as well. We believe they are a safer alternative for missing teeth compared to dentures or bridges because they have the same strong chewing force of a natural tooth.

There are many benefits of placing a dental implant. First, there is no chance of getting cavities in an implant; you never have to worry about fillings on that tooth. Furthermore, the adjacent teeth to the implant are absolutely protected and remain undamaged.

When the doctor places an implant, they also work diligently to maintain a healthy jawbone. People tend to assume that the gap left behind after losing a permanent adult tooth can remain empty.

The reality is that an exposed tooth socket faces the risk of infection, can cause teeth to shift out of alignment, and can cause other issues as well. With a dental implant, we can help patients avoid those oral health issues.

We have the tools and skills necessary to provide patients with a customized dental implant to meet their specific needs. Dental implants can even help prevent facial structure from changing, providing the same functionality as before the original tooth was damaged.

Supplementing an implant with a dental crown can also ensure that the implant looks perfectly natural along with your other teeth.

If you are looking for a sturdy, lasting, and discreet replacement tooth, then call us at 215-343-3900 to learn more about our dental implant procedures today. We are located at 2370 York Road in Jamison and look forward helping you in any way we can.

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