Spotlight: Camp Curiosity

“The environment of Camp Curiosity is one where children are encouraged to discover, explore, invent and create. Learning takes place through their senses, natural curiosity, and the world around them.” ~ Camp Curiosity, 1965

Camp Curiosity is a traditional day camp for children 2.5 to 12 years old (plus alumni).

With over 50 acres, our campers engage in a variety of programs and activities such as sports, art, STEAM, outdoor skills, swimming, games, and special events focused on our four core areas: Discover, Explore, Invent and Create. Each day, our campers will develop lifelong friendships, learn new skills, and create lasting memories.

Discover with a variety of sports; campers will have the opportunity to work together learning and improving muscle strength and flexibility, gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, and building self-confidence as counselors and program instructors coach and cheer them on during team building games!

Exploration with outdoor skills and nature activities will have campers engaged in fun adventures to help develop and improve their knowledge and competence. These outdoor activities will help build confidence, improve memory, concentration, and patience while teaching good communication and social skills as campers work toward a common goal.

Campers will also engage in daily STEAM activities that will inspire curiosity, invention, and innovation of new ideas. Creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving will have campers strengthening their concentration and memory as communication and working as a team are essential.

Creativity will abound as campers will be introduced to new art techniques, through different mediums. Each art activity will allow campers to showcase their imagination and encourage them to express themselves. These projects will enhance creativity and self-confidence as they develop techniques of self-expression while improving fine motor skills.

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PHOTO CAP: Discover, Explore, Invent, Create … Camp Curiosity!

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