Spotlight: Fanny Chapman Pool

The quintessential community pool!

Fanny Chapman has been a fixture of summertime fun in the Doylestown community since 1927 with a large part of its mission being to provide opportunity for community members to learn to swim and then continue to enjoy swimming through competition and leisure.

A dedicated staff of instructors, lifeguards, coaches, and managers, many of whom grew up coming to Fanny Chapman, work hard to provide a great environment for our members and guests, where they can unwind, connect, and make fond summer memories.

Some of these include passing the deep-water test, trying out the three-meter, high dive, participating in Fanny Fun Day, Fanny Fest, Float Nights, the ice cream truck, and Fido Float.

One of Fanny Chapman’s primary missions is to teach the community to swim.

The swim lesson program typically registers 700 young swimmers annually in its swim lesson program, which includes 50 instructors, many of whom learned to swim at FC in their younger years.

The program includes multiple levels for those just learning at the age of four to programs for older youth practicing their more advanced strokes and diving for hopeful participation with the competitive swim and dive team, as well as for future employment as instructors and lifeguards at the pool where it all started for them.

The competitive swim and dive team is one of the largest summer teams in the area, boasting over 300 swimmers and divers ages 6-18.

Carrying that passion forward into adulthood, Fanny Chapman is proud to continue its second year from the pilot of its US Masters Swim program last summer.

US Masters Swimming is a national program that provides organized workouts and competitions for adults.

As the community looks ahead to its 97th season at Fanny Chapman Memorial Pool starting on May 25th, the Fanny Chapman Pool Board is committed to maintaining the great legacy and growing that tradition forward for generations to come.

Please find more information about the Fanny Chapman experience and our Legacy Program at

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