Spotlight: Old World Fragrance

Old World Fragrance creates all-natural fragrances for women and men. All popular fragrances around the world use synthetic perfume chemicals. We use natural flower, plant and tree absolute oils to make our products.

Most fragrances are 90% chemicals made from petroleum. Many of these chemicals cause allergic reactions and are not good for your health. Did you know that women have 43% more scent cells in their brains than men and are a thousand times more sensitive to musk?

All women’s perfumes have musk as one of the ingredients because it is a favorite for most women.

There are other favorite scents that women enjoy such as vanilla and patchouli. Whenever a woman wears our patchouli perfume, she receives compliments from strangers.

Our ambergris perfume is also a favorite fragrance that women love. Ambergris is a rare ingredient that comes from sperm whales and is found on beaches around the world.

It has been used in fragrances for thousands of years. Our flower, plant and tree oils are the best in the perfume world. They are obtained by soaking flower petals in solvents and are called flower absolutes. Steam distillation oils are called essential oils and are not as powerful scents as absolutes.

We offer five fragrances for women and men on our website but we can also custom blend any fragrance that is composed of scents that you like.

We have been creating fragrances for 45 years and our products are inexpensive. We guarantee that once you experience natural based products, you will love them!

We love fragrances and the history behind this industry and would like to share the information and our products with you. Our products are Ambergris, Musk, Patchouli, Jasmine and Blue Lotus.

Please visit our website for more information on how to order our all-natural fragrances.

We also are available for in-home perfume parties.


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