Margaret Gale Thornton Chapter, NSDAR visits home of their namesake in Newtown

The Margaret Gale Thornton Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) had a most excellent adventure on Saturday, July 22nd that was many years in the making. They toured the home of their namesake, Margaret Gale Thornton, in Newtown.

Thornton was an early Bucks County female entrepreneur in a time when men ruled her world. She was a Revolutionary War Patriot since she paid the supply tax. We can only imagine the visitors and the conversations that happened at the Half Moon Inn during the war.

Newtown was the county seat during that time and the Half Moon Inn was directly across from the County Courthouse. Dave Callahan and Susan Thompson from the Newtown Historic Association led the tour, which the attendees all agreed was excellent.

PHOTO CAP: MGT Chapter members, from left, Beverly Schaefer, Debbie Thorne, Shelly Bell (Corresponding Secretary), Jan Cope, Deb Hutwelker, and Nicole Schuster (Regent).

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