Spotlight: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body, and Spirit Advisor

The importance of prayer

You can pray to God for many reasons including being thankful, when you’re depressed, when you need healing, and when you’re struggling. The key to praying is to be persistent and to work your plan to reflect your prayer.

If you’re looking for God’s guidance into your life for more direction, you have to start trusting in God. You need to be willing to trust in God with all your needs and have faith that this will improve your life.

It’s important to pray to God several times a week. Through one’s struggle, sacrifice and hard work, which typically lead to reward, God will bless them with the need to pursue life again.

It is their responsibility to be aware of the universe and the resulting events that will unfold in their favor. Prayer is a petition to God or Jesus or to whomever you worship and helps to facilitate bringing things to materialization.

To help bring things to fruition, you need to weigh the changes needed to be made in order to receive more abundant graces from God. Through supplication and prayer, God will find a way to work through us to enlighten other people that surround you.

Feeling bad for past action can be motivated by faith and love of God; this is called perfect contrition. This method of repentance can be done with the clergy of your preference or by using your mind as your temple to confess to God.

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PHOTO CAP: Dan McMeans, Mind, Body and Spirit Advisor

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