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The field of dental medicine is an amazing career choice.  It is a career of options – you can choose to go into private practice (be your own boss), corporate practice, the military, public health, just to name a few. 

It is a career where you can make a positive difference in a person’s life on a daily basis.  And it is a career where you can combine science, creativity, artistry, and problem solving as you treat your patients.

Dentists usually must complete a bachelor’s degree, then a four-year dental degree, then many graduating dentists choose a general practice residency (one – two years) or a specialist residency (two – four years). 

This is followed by passing dental boards and completing requirements for state licensing.  Some people may choose to become a dental hygienist, a professional who helps the patient maintain dental health and prevent gum disease.  

While the requirements are far less stringent, it still requires at least a two-year associate degree, the passing of state boards, and completing requirements for state licensing. 

Dental hygienists have the opportunity to develop relationships and assist the patients in keeping their teeth and gums for life. The field of dental hygiene can be very rewarding, while offering the hygienist flexibility. 

Many hygienists are able to work part-time, tailor their full-time hours to fit their personal needs, or even work as a temporary hygienist in various dental offices of their choice.

Both dentists and dental hygienists are required to complete continuing education programs on a regular basis.  The adherence to this requirement is monitored by the state board. 

The number of hours required are different for the dentists and hygienist and vary from state to state. Dentists and hygienists work as a team to provide dental care.  

A dynamite dental team provides excellent dental care by communicating with the patient and each other and identifying small problems before they become large. 

When this happens, it is a win for all! Call our office at 215-364-2420 and schedule an appointment today!

PHOTO CAP: Working together as a team, the dentist and hygienist provide great dental care.

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