Spotlight: Janet Shikoff, Better Self Nutrition PA

    Be happier and healthier in 2024!

    Do you want to feel better and live better? Do you want to lose weight without meds or diets? Do you want a healthy weight management plan that you can keep?

    I’d love to help you become the healthiest version of yourself! I will guide and support you in setting and maintaining realistic goals.

    End the frustration and deprivation of dieting! As a Master Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I’ve always been passionate about nutrition, health, and diet…prioritizing eating well and being active. 

    I’d love to share my enthusiasm, education, and experience with you! YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER DIET!

    Let’s create your personal plan for success! I will help you manage your challenges and have the mindset and tools to make permanent changes.

    We will create a customized and realistic food plan and routine. It’s time to live your best life!

    Please call me at 267-231-3047 for a FREE consultation.

    Get started before March 15th and receive 20% OFF.

    PHOTO CAP: Health is everything! It’s time to get started! Call Janet Shikoff

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