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Get dental pain treated early!

Dental pain is an interesting thing. While patients may call the office about a “toothache,” the origin of the pain may be somewhere else.

It is the job of the dentist and the dental team to become detectives to determine the nature of the dental pain, so that the pain can be resolved. The detective work starts with the first call to the office.

The team member who answers the phone will ask basic questions, such as how long the patient has felt pain, the degree of pain, and if there is swelling in the mouth, face or neck. The answers are clues for the dentist and also indicate the urgency of the problem.

During the dental examination, more questions will be asked. The dentist will want to know about sensitivity to heat or cold, if the patient suffers from headaches, and the type of pain (throbbing or dull ache), to name a few questions.

The answers to these questions are more clues to help the dentist in his diagnosis. Swelling in the face or mouth indicates an infection.

Sensitivity to heat may indicate a cavity or a need for a root canal, while sensitivity to cold may indicate gum recession. Headaches could indicate some issue with the patient’s bite.

When the dentist adds these clues to his oral exam and radiographs, he is usually able to diagnose the problem. Dental pain falls into two basic categories – hard tissue and soft tissue.

Hard tissue pain involves the teeth and the bones in the face and jaw. Soft tissue pain is the palatal tissue, gingiva and mucosa (palate, gums and cheeks).

Occasionally the pain is so diffuse that the patient has difficulty pinpointing where his dental pain originates. Dental pain is best treated early.

Little problems can become big problems. In my experience, rarely do dental problems resolve themselves.

When dental pain hits, head straight to your dentist. You might just save yourself misery and money!

Bucks County Dental Design can help you with all your dental needs. Call us today at 215-364-2420.


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