Spotlight: Wellness By Wendy

    Hi there!

    I’m Wendy Childs, registered dietitian and owner of Wellness By Wendy, a virtual nutrition counseling practice that wants you to create a healthy obsession with food.

    I’m an expert on correcting food and eating behavior, managing food anxiety, and implementing gratifying eating habits.  My philosophies of a non-restrictive mindset and nutrition through addition allow my clients to free themselves from the burdens of food guilt and anxiety.

    By creating a food identity that’s immovable in the face of trends and fads, I help clients find joy in food once and for all. Whether you’re not sure where to begin with healthy eating or if you’ve tried every diet under the sun with no lasting results, I’ve got something for you.

    I work with my clients to set the record straight on nutrition myths and fads, help them learn how to understand their bodies so they can properly nourish them, change their mindset toward food and finally feel good in their skin.

    I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life, life stages and health statuses.

    I’m experienced working with ADHD, celiac disease, cholesterol, digestive issues, emotional wellbeing, gluten free, high blood pressure, intuitive eating, lifestyle changes, menu planning, plant-based diets, vegan/vegetarian diets and weight management.

    Since nutrition is such a critical part of our health, I’ve contracted with major insurance companies so you’re able to use the insurance you already pay into for our sessions. Insurance coverage varies plan to plan, so be sure to reach out to me so I can guide you to finding out your coverage.

    I’m available at, through my website, or on social media as @wellness_bywendy. 

    PHOTO CAP: Wendy Childs

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