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Is your child BULLYPROOF®?

Every month in the US, 3 million children miss school due to bullying fears.

Our Gracie Bullyproof® program aims to empower kids aged three – 12 with confidence to handle bullies nonviolently, earning recognition from CNN, ABC, NBC, and Oprah.

Techniques include verbal assertiveness and non-violent self-defense to counter physical attacks without striking. Schools are adopting these techniques as reasonable responses to bullying, even hosting classes.

The program emphasizes defense over aggression, ensuring children aren’t turned into bullies themselves. Bullying often leads to low self-esteem, with less than 15% of incidents reported.

Victims want to confront bullies but fear harm.

Gracie Bullyproof® teaches children to defend themselves while avoiding fights, defusing verbal attacks, and applying submissions with minimal force. Verbal Jiu-Jitsu training helps kids manage verbal harassment through assertive communication and body language – fighting fire with water.

Our “Rules of Engagement” guide when to use techniques, ensuring responsible use.

Classes are tailored by age and experience, fostering a balance of fun and challenge. Starting from ages three – five with playful activities, children progress to learning more advanced self-defense techniques in the Little Champs (five -seven) and Jr. Grapplers (seven -13) programs.

The program utilizes “push teaching,” emphasizing correct execution vs focusing on mistakes, to maintain enthusiasm.

Instructors focus on character development, covering responsibility, health, respect, citizenship, manners, and caring through a point-based reward system culminating in Gracie Game Day, reinforcing positive behavior.

Gracie Bullyproof® equips children with confidence, fitness, self-defense skills, and character development, empowering them to navigate life’s challenges assertively and responsibly.

Make this the summer your child becomes Bullyproof!

We are offering a free Bullyproof® Seminar June 2nd – register at We offer all new students a risk-free complimentary 10-calendar-day trial in any of our programs.

Call us at 215-396-1818 or refer to our ad in this issue for further details.

P.S. – our birthday parties are awesome!

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