Is moving on your 2024 resolution list?

If so, YAY FOR YOU! You may be feeling a tad overwhelmed though – most people do. And why not – moving is one of the top five stressors in life!  There are, however, some steps you can take to minimize the anxiety I know you’re feeling.

First – start early.] I don’t care if your projected move date is March or November – or next year. Sorting through and organizing your stuff ALWAYS takes far longer than you think it will. So buckle down and get to it.

Second – align yourself with a seasoned agent who has the experience, knowledge of the local market, and the resources to guide you through the process.

Third – take advantage of my FREE Home Assessment. This is where I will come out – at no charge or obligation – and walk through your home with you, giving you pointers on what you should, and should NOT do, to maximize your sale price.  We’ll focus on the things that will give you the greatest return on your investment and contribute to your bottom line.

Fourth – call in the professionals if you need to. Auctioneers, clean-out professionals, stagers, and organizers are huge stress relievers when you’re under the gun. Need help with this? I’ve got a guy!

Fifth – reach out and ask for my guide on “How to Prepare Your Home for Sale.” Just e-mail me at and I’ll send it right over. It’s got some great tips to get you started.

Look – moving is stressful! And if you’re also buying a home, your head may be ready to explode!

The agent you choose to work with will make all the difference in your experience, so choose wisely. Regardless of your situation, I’ve seen them all!

And I can guide you to what’s behind the next door for you in 2024. Let’s talk – I’d love to meet you.

Reach out to 215-813-6655 or today to get on the schedule!

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