Spotlight: Andrew’s Lawn Ranger, LLC

    Prepare your lawn for fall!

    Prepare your lawn for the season’s end and get ready for next one. Lawns were stressed this year due to wild environmental conditions.

    Applying a cold weather fertilizer promotes deep root development that increases your lawn’s drought resistance and allows for quicker green-up in the spring. Make sure you remove leaves and other debris.

    Don’t mow and chop them up, as this can cause more harm than good for the turf. Turf thrives within a very small pH window.

    Soil samples are available and should be done to determine both the pH and micronutrient levels needed for healthy turf.

    Deer Control – We offer a long-lasting product to suppress the deer from munching on your plants when the food supply is scarce. Applied in late October, this application has a taste and smell the deer do not like and lasts until March. We have had great success with this product. Place your order now, as this needs to be applied with temperatures above 40.

    Flea / Tick / Mosquito Suppression – Ticks are still active this is the time of year, and mosquitoes can breed until temps drop below 50. Our monthly applications help keep these pests to a minimum so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces. Sign up now to lock in 2023 pricing for 2024.

    Spotted Lanternfly Suppression – This has been an off year for SLF. Many parts of the state did not see last year’s numbers, they are still here. The adult SLFs are still feeding and are now laying their egg masses for next year’s horde. October is the last treatment. An application now will suppress egg laying, smother existing egg masses and help delay the spread of this invasive insect.  We apply monthly treatments over the season to combat any month’s life cycle and population.

    Please call the office at 215-968-8535 or e-mail us at Visit our new website:

    PHOTO CAP: One of our technicians applying grass seed to a freshly aerated lawn

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