Spotlight: Andrew’s Lawn Ranger

Timely yard maintenance

Core Aeration and Over-seeding. Due to all the recent rain, we’ve seen lots of fungal issues. This is a good time to consider doing core aeration and overseeding. This will help revitalize the brown patches we are all seeing. This is a mechanical process that pulls plugs from your lawn in order to relieve soil compaction and increase turf root growth. After this process, the lawn is ready for overseeding. Spot thatching and hand raking is done where needed. This is a key step in the seeding process and helps prepare the soil to aid in seed germination. We perform a double pass, with the second pass on a cross pattern, to ensure maximum coverage. Aeration lets the lawn breathe, and better water and nutrient penetration to the root zone. Relieving soil compaction allows for quicker root spread, which also thickens the turf and provides drought protection for a healthier stand of turf.

Flea / Tick / Mosquito Suppression. This is the time of year when ticks and mosquitoes are breeding, and ticks are looking for their next meal. We treat their hiding places so that the next generation doesn’t get started. Our monthly applications help keep these pests to a minimum so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Plant Health Care. We are seeing a lot of fungal issues in trees and shrubs due to the recent rains and conditions conducive to fungal growth. We can apply a fungicide to protect and save your valuable landscape plantings. Different plants require different applications at different times of the year. Call us to discuss a program tailored to the plantings on your property.

To schedule, call our office at 215-968-8535 or email Licensed Pennsylvania State Applicator, BU12287, PA#078821.

PHOTO CAP: Our crew doing a Core Aeration and Overseeding.

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