Cataract surgery: The best vision for an improved life

    After noticing unwanted changes in his vision, cardiologist, Dr. Srinivas Atri, decided it was time to contact Eye Associates of Bucks County (EABC) to learn more about his options for cataract surgery.

    As a former patient of Dr. Sagun Pendse, Dr. Atri was already familiar with the exceptional service provided at EABC and appreciated the convenient hours and location.

    At EABC, Dr. Atri was scheduled for a cataract surgery consultation with Dr. Bing Chiu and was instantly impressed with his caring demeanor. According to Dr. Atri, “Dr. Chiu did not brush off any questions and did an exceptional job in overall preparation for the procedure. He gave a detailed description of what to expect both before and after surgery.”

    With Dr. Chiu’s guidance, Dr. Atri chose to have cataract surgery with placement of a monofocal lens and he is incredibly pleased with his outcome. When asked about his experience, Dr. Atri described the entire team at EABC as a caring and courteous group who made him feel extremely comfortable.

    Considering cataract surgery due to changes in your vision? Consider that EABC has been serving the Langhorne area for over 40 years and is a leader in cataract surgery.

    EABC uses the latest technology and lenses to improve and preserve sight. Eye Associates of Bucks County dedicates themselves to protecting, improving, and preserving eye health for each patient and believes that every health care decision should be informed and personal.

    If you would like to be involved with making an informed decision about your eye health, call Eye Associates of Bucks County at 833-921-6200 or visit to schedule an appointment.

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. Bing Chin, Ophthalmologist, Eye Associates of Bucks County.

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