Reputation and trust is everything!

Guder Daag !

Thanks to you our business is growing! We now have a crew of 12 skilled craftsmen.

We appreciate the trust you’ve given us in caring for your lovely homes. We offer roofing, siding, shed dormers, windows, kitchen and bath remodels and much more!

Impeccable references upon request.

My wife and I are very busy and it seemed like we never had time to address that “honey do” list we all have. Things around the house and yard that didn’t need a full contractor for and the costs associated with it for just a small project. And you know how that list keeps growing. And when we did try to use a local contractor, they either never called us back or never showed up when we did get them to commit to an appointment because it just wasn’t worth their time.

So being recently semi-retired I was looking for a small business that was needed in the community and the Handyman concept was a perfect fit. My family is Pennsylvania Dutch from Lancaster County, and we were brought up with a strong work ethic and learning how to do just about everything ourselves was a must. If you put off those smaller projects in time they’ll turn into expensive big projects. We can help ! We provide a wide range of services that a large building contractor doesn’t want to do. From basic repairs around the house, carpentry, concrete work, small electrical projects. We can even do custom blinds and so much more!

We live in Bucks County and think it’s an amazing community. The response has been outstanding, and our clients quickly become our friends. We are fully licensed and insured also providing free estimates. Spring is here and time to get your home and yard ready for the season. We’d like to meet you and see how we can help. Call us now for a free estimate and get that project that has been on your list too long done by a professional. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Leuk je te ontmoeton!

Reach out to: PH: 610-322-7450,

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