Miles of mules at Pickering Manor: Marshall Law

    If you have visited Pickering Manor’s Rehab Neighborhood in the past few months you may have wondered the significance of the beautifully hand-painted mule, Marshall Law, located in our corridor.

    In 2002, four organizations partnered to present an incredible display of four prototype mules. Over 170 mules were produced and creatively decorated by renowned and emerging local artists as well as schools and nonprofits.

    The mules then were carefully placed along the Delaware and Lehigh canals for public display.

    In the 1800’s through the 1900’s, the canal system and mules were heavily relied on for transporting anthracite coal. The placement of these mules connected amazing art and the richness of history.

    In 2003, 45 of the mules were auctioned to the public and one of the mules, Marshall Law, was obtained by a young girl named Sierra Smith.

    Seven-year-old Sierra was familiar with all the mules as she visited and documented nearly all of them with her father. Marshall Law was beautifully painted by artist Judy LaTorre with murals of Newtown on his horse blanket.

    It was Sierra and her family’s quest to keep Marshall Law in Newtown. The mule has truly come full circle. For nearly two decades Marshall Law was displayed at Stuckert and Yates in Newtown, and now he resides in the corridor of Yates Pavilion at Pickering Manor.

    “We are moved by this thoughtful donation to Pickering by the Durr-Smith family who has a deep connection to Pickering and Newtown. Pickering has cared for many of their close relatives over the years and Newtown Jewelers has been a staple in our community for over 50 years, during which they have continually supported Newtown and Pickering Manor,” said Pickering Manor CEO David Woodhead.

    Stop by Pickering and take a look at Marshall Law or schedule a tour: 215.968.3878 or

    PHOTO CAP: Sierra Smith and her parents, William Smith and Cheryl Durr-Smith, with Marshall Law.

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