Spotlight: RD’s Total Lawn

” Behind Every Small Business: The Unsung Heroes—Dedicated Employees”

RD’s Total Lawn is a family-owned lawn and landscape company. They have received hundreds of 5-star reviews as well as won “Best of Bucks” for landscaping companies.

In this article we held a question-and-answer interview with them to determine their keys to success around employees.

Question: What is the biggest factor that attributes the success of your company?

Answer: There are many different things that go into it. However, I would say without a doubt the most important thing would be our employees, answers Ryan Dittes, RD’s co-owner. We know in a service-based business the product of what we deliver to our customers is the quality of our services.  

Question: Internally what are some things that set you apart from other employers?

Answer: We really try to treat our employees right and aim to pay them a competitive wage for the tough work they do, says Lindsay Dittes, RD’s co-owner and Ryan’s wife. We also offer tuition reimbursement for students that come work with us, paid time off, retirement account with a match, paid gym memberships, and paid paternity leave for our employees that are new parents. We know that if our employees are taken care of, they in turn will take care of our customers.

Question: Have you had trouble finding employees to come work for you?

Answer: I won’t say it’s easy, but the key is finding the right people that are a good fit for your company, says Ryan Dittes. We try to really encourage our employees to be the best version of themselves as well in and out of work.

Services Offered:

Lawn Mowing: Weekly lawn service, which includes trimming, edging, and blowing off property.

Mulch Installs: Annual cleanup of beds and install of fresh mulch.

Yard Cleanups: Cleanup of neglected areas of your yard in need of a makeover

For more information about this company, check out their website at

PHOTO CAP: The owners of RD’s Total Lawn

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