Spotlight: Comedy Cabaret

Looking for LAUGHS? For the past 36 years, the Bucks County Comedy Cabaret has been generously supplying them!

The Comedy Cabaret Comedy Club, located atop Poco’s Restaurant on Main Street in Doylestown, has been voted BEST of Bucks by the Intelligencer. 

What is the secret to success for a Comedy Club in suburban Doylestown? According to the owner, Andy Scarpati (AKA Dr. Scarpati) “Great comedians who can be funny without a lot of profanity.”   

Scarpati says one of the questions people frequently ask him is “has anyone ever performed here and gone on to be famous?” Yes, several. 

In the early 1990’s, Kevin James from “The King of Queens” and “Mall Cop,” played here quite a few times. And wait until you hear this!

James sent Comedy Cabaret a shout out video that you can see on the home page of Another well-known comic who performed here is Joe Rogan.   

The comedy club features the BEST up and coming stand-up comedians, and Improvisation troupes. 

We are open Friday and Saturday nights, and some occasional weeknight shows, including open stage nights. 

The past three decades, the club has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with their Funny Fundraisers for sports teams, civic groups, and charitable organizations.


According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is good for you! The research has proven that hearty laughter creates positive endorphins, enhances your immune system, and creates a sense of well-being!

So come out and get a blast of positive endorphins at Comedy Cabaret Comedy club or at least buy a gift certificate for those who love to laugh!

December is packed with a lot of great shows, including New Year’s Eve. 

We want to see you LAUGHING the night away at Comedy Cabaret – please visit our website,  : )

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