The Innovative Apthera™ IOL: A leap forward in vision restoration

Navigating the world of intraocular lenses (IOLs) can be confusing. So, we’re shedding light on the innovative Apthera™ IOL from AcuFocus, Inc., a lens replacement option that stands out from the crowd.

Unlike standard monovision lenses that restore vision at a single focus point (often distance), the IC-8 Apthera intraocular lens is a multifocal lens designed to improve near, intermediate, and distance vision.

This approach reduces or even eliminates your dependence on prescription glasses, bifocals, and contact lenses. How does the IC-8 Apthera IOL improve vision?

Leveraging proprietary small aperture technology, Apthera IOL’s embedded FilterRing™ filters out unfocused light, allowing only focused light to reach your retina.

Filtering out low-quality light provides a continuous range of vision, from near vision, far vision, and even intermediate vision – that’s like a triple-focus lens!

The FDA-approved Apthera IOL can provide your best personal vision by treating cataracts, correcting for astigmatism, and mitigating the effects of presbyopia. Am I a candidate for Apthera IOL?

The Apthera IOL is an excellent option for cataract patients and patients with low amounts of corneal astigmatism or presbyopia (age-related vision changes). However, the Apthera small aperture IOL isn’t appropriate for all patients.

You might not qualify for the Apthera IOL if you have:

  • A history of retinal disease or predisposition to retinal disease.
  • Issues with pupil dilation.
  • Diabetes, sickle cell disease, or other medical conditions that impact your immune system or healing ability.

At Eye Associates of Bucks County, our cataract specialists can talk with you regarding the Apthera IOL and other IOLS. They will consult on the best approach for you based on your eyes, and medical history.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Sagun Pendse, Ophthalmologist

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