RD’s Total Lawn Fall To Do Checklist

RD’s Total Lawn is a local landscape company who recently was awarded “Best of Bucks” for the 2023 season. They wanted to share their checklist of what to do for your property in the fall season to prep for winter.

Final Mows- You can mow less frequent in the fall but there is still some growth. Make sure not to leave your lawn long going into the winter. Grass likes to be cut short at year end.

Leaf Removal-You want to ensure your yard is clear of leaves. Leaving leaves on the lawn can encourage bugs and insects to gather as well as bare and bald spots to come about.

Shrub Trimming-Fall is a great time to give those shrubs to encourage future growth.

Perennial Cutbacks-Make sure to cut any perennials back such as grasses plants and other seasonal plants to ensure healthy regrowth next year.

Bed Cleanup-Fall is a good time to weed out your beds as the weedy growth on them is starting to slow and you can get your beds cleaned up and looking good again.

The Dittes family started their Lawn Care business in the Spring of 2018. Ryan and Lindsay are parents to three young children. They have been blessed with an outstanding team of workers who would love the opportunity to work with you! They are now booking out the rest of the year for Fall Cleanups.

Services Now Booking

Leaf Cleanups- Full-service option as well as curbside pickup options

Shrub Pruning- Trimming and shaping of shrubs and bushes.

Mulch Installs– Cleanup of beds and install of fresh mulch.

Lawn Mowing-Get your price now for 2024 season!

The family appreciates your business and support! They encourage you to check out their reputation online! 215-688-1622.

PHOTO CAP: The Dittes Family

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