Spotlight: Eye Associates of Bucks County

    A patient’s journey to better sight

    Kathleen Zimmerman and her husband Ron are both patients of Dr. Alice Sui, an optometrist at Eye Associates of Bucks County (EABC). They both enjoyed working with Dr. Sui and commented on her caring and informative manner.

    When Dr. Sui mentioned that Kathleen could benefit from cataract surgery and recommended Dr. Bing Chiu (also at EABC), Kathleen immediately scheduled an appointment.  

    After examining Kathleen and discussing the options available for her condition, they agreed on him performing a Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery with goniotomy using the toric lens.

    They decided on this advanced procedure, which uses a laser to make precise incisions and break up the cataract, which is less invasive and can lead to faster recovery times.

    Kathleen’s decision to undergo cataract surgery with EABC was a testament to her trust in Dr. Sui and the outstanding reputation of EABC in the Langhorne community.

    Dr. Chiu’s wealth of information and his understanding approach made Kathleen’s decision relatively easy.

    As Kathleen puts it, “Dr. Chiu’s expertise and compassion were evident from the moment we met. I felt so comfortable with him that I did not even consider seeking a second opinion. He truly put my mind at ease.” 

    Kathleen says her experience with the entire process, from the initial consultation to the post-surgery care, was exceptional. She found Dr. Chiu to be a compassionate, dedicated professional who listened attentively and made her feel at ease. The surgery was a resounding success, and significantly improved her vision.

    EABC has been serving the Langhorne area for over 40 years and is a leader in cataract surgery— using the latest technology and lenses to improve and preserve sight. At Eye Associates of Bucks County, Dr. Chiu and his fellow physicians believe that every decision should be informed and personal.

    If you would like to be involved in making informed decisions about your eye health, call Eye Associates of Bucks County at 833-921-6200 or visit to schedule an appointment. 

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. Bing Chiu, MD, Eye Associates of Bucks County

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