Spotlight: Altomonte’s Butcher Shop & Deli

Altomonte’s Butcher Shop & Deli, taste the difference!

For 53 years, Altomonte’s Deli has been offering only the finest meats prepared in-house by our Butcher Shop and imported from Italy, from home roasted pork and roast beef to Italian prosciutto and mortadella.

There’s a few ways to enjoy the delicious quality cuts from the deli:

Order your hoagie or sandwich in-store at the kiosk or online for quick pickup, choose a signature recipe or customize your own.

Cater your next party with Altomonte’s hoagie tray that includes their home roasted beef, home roasted turkey, Italian hoagie and more.

Visit the deli and make your next sandwich recipe amazing! Don’t forget to grab a juicy Lancaster tomato and one of our delicious spreads from the market.

Altomonte’s stands as a testament to the timeless processes of a true Butcher Shop and Deli, hand tying and roasting our pork, beef and turkey that you can order from the deli to enjoy the perfect, flavorful sandwich!

Every slice from our deli is a product of traditions that have been passed down through generations.

We invite you to taste the difference for yourself.

The perfect sandwich is more than just quality meats and cheeses; that’s why Altomonte’s also offers scratch made breads that are baked fresh daily. The perfect sandwich isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience!

How it all started – Italian immigrants, Mike and Frances Grispino, opened their first Butcher Shop in 1971 called Mike’s Meat Market.

The shop also became known for offering Italian specialties, spices, and products that Mike and Frances imported because they couldn’t find them anywhere in America.

Later, they changed the name of the market to the source of their imports — the town where Mike and Frances grew up, Altomonte, Italy.

Its Doylestown location is at 856 North Easton Rd., and its phone number is 215-489-8889

Its Warminster location is at 85 North York Rd., and its phone number is 215-672-5439

PHOTO CAP: Altomonte’s hoagie tray Includes: Italian chicken cutlet, home roasted beef, Italian, home roasted turkey, grilled vegetable & fresh mozzarella on homemade bread.

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