Spotlight: Made in the Shade

Why are zebra/layered shades so popular?

Zebra roller shades have become popular with their unique design and functionality. These blinds have stripes of sheer and solid fabric.

You can modify the blinds to regulate the quantity of light coming into a space. This functionality easily manages both privacy and natural light.

Additionally, these shades come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a versatile option for any decor. Made in the Shade has multiple vendors and hundreds of fabrics to choose from for this beautiful and functional product.

To schedule a free in-home consultation, please visit our webpage for the best zebra blinds in the industry.

Here are some amazing features for zebra blinds:

  • Zebra roller blinds have sheer stripes of see-through and solid fabric for both light control and privacy.
  • These modern window treatments let you control how much natural light comes in, giving you more options for setting the mood.
  • Zebra window blinds come in many colors and styles, so they can match any decor easily.
  • The installation and maintenance of zebra blinds are relatively easy, adding to their convenience and popularity among homeowners.
  • The valance is often fabric wrapped and curved for a clean finished look once raised. When you raise these shades, it rolls on a tube just like a roller shade.
  • The solid fabric vanes in modern zebra blinds have both light filtering and room darkening bands.
  • Cordless lift by the touch of the bottom rail, or adding motors is great for child safety.
  • Custom zebra shades for windows have beautiful curb appeal for the front elevation.
  • Custom zebra blinds block light and harmful UV rays, but also filter light when the bands are in the open position. This makes it great for living rooms.

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