SPOTLIGHT: Comedy Cabaret

Good news for people who like to laugh!

The prestigious Mayo Clinic has proven, yes science confirms, hearty laughter relieves tension and creates positive endorphins that not only will boost your immune system but will make you feel good!  

This news put a big smile on the face of Dr. Scarpati (aka Andy Scarpati), the owner of Bucks County’s Comedy Cabaret. Scarpati calls it laugh therapy and says laughter is the best medicine! 

The Comedy Club located on main street in Doylestown has been making audiences laugh for the past 37 years.  The Comedy Club, open every Friday and Saturday night, features up and coming stand-up comics.  

Scarpati says one of the questions he gets, “has anyone who played here gone on to become famous?”  Yes!

In the early 1990’s Kevin James played the Doylestown venue. Kevin is known for his TV show “King of Queens” and star of many movies including “Mall Cop”. 

Kevin James sent a shout-out video to Comedy Cabaret: 

How cool is that! It’s on the home page of   

Other name acts who played Scarpati’s other comedy cabaret venues back in the day include Jay Leno, Bill Maher, and Joe Rogan. So, you never know who will see at Comedy Cabaret.  

Round up your friends for a night of fun and positive endorphins. We want to see you laughing the night away at Comedy Cabaret Please visit our web site at

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