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Feed the birds all summer long!

Now that the snowbirds have returned to Canada to find respite from the heat, what we have around us are year-round residents like blue jays and cardinals, and summer residents like rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo buntings, and a number of other birds that are potential visitors to your feeders. 

We are often asked at the store, “Should I stop feeding birds in the summer?”

Our usual response …  “Do you like seeing birds at your feeder?” 

If the answer is yes, then while some birds might be less active or busy catering to juvenile birds, you can still yield the rewards by keeping seed in your summer feeders all summer long! 

It’s also important to provide a source of water, and our variety of bird baths are the perfect way to do so! 

Keep it in an area of part sun to slow algae growth, add a “wiggler” to create motion and dissuade mosquitoes, and if possible, have it near an accessible hose for easy cleaning and refilling. 

Birds will drink from it and revel in taking a bath as well. Summer can bring some surprise visitors to your feeder station and bird bath. 

Aside from the two beautiful summer residents mentioned earlier, a brown thrasher might show up to poke around or perhaps an eastern towhee.

Look for these two elusive birds on the ground, usually sticking close to cover. 

Chipping sparrows with their rufous cap will readily visit feeders and American goldfinches with their striking summer yellow coat, love our finch blend or sunflower chips. 

Warblers, tanagers, and orioles might stop by, especially if a source of moving water is provided. 

And of course, summer is best for ruby-throated hummingbirds, and we have a wide variety of feeders for them. Visit our website at

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