Made in the Shade Bucks on ‘Interior Design’

Seven reasons why you’ll fall in love with interior shutters:

  1. They add unique elegance to your room.

Installing interior shutters is a fantastic way to dramatically change the look and feel of your living space.

Window shutters come handcrafted with real hardwoods and in composite materials which provide your room with a distinct and natural ambiance that is both relaxing and welcoming.

  1. Shutters work with any style décor.

With their timeless beauty and clean lines, interior shutters are a great addition to any style of room, from traditional to contemporary, and rustic to “shabby chic”!

  1. You’ll save money over the long term.

Window shutters can work wonders for your home energy bills by serving as an added layer of insulation at the most vulnerable point of your home’s energy defense barrier – your windows.

  1. Interior shutters protect you and your furniture.

The constant stream of sunlight entering your room can gradually fade your rugs, coffee tables, furniture fabrics, and wall hangings. Shutters serve as an effective solution to the slow decline of your living space. You can let in just the right amount of light to enliven your room, while also keeping the sun’s rays at bay!

  1. Your guests will be WOWed!

In the event you decide to have a house party, rest assured that interior window shutters are sure to impress. Conversation starter? More like conversation STOPPER. You’ll know what we mean once you help your guests to pick their jaws up off the floor.

  1. Extra curb appeal.

When used in all street-facing rooms of the house, shutters can give your home’s exterior a more consistent appearance that elevates your overall curb appeal, while also hiding any clutter that would be normally visible through your windows.

  1. They’re built to last.

With regular dusting, occasional louver tension adjustments, and a little non-wax polish every now and then, your shutters will provide your room with remarkable beauty and reliable functionality for years to come, allowing you to reap the maximum reward for your investment.

To schedule your in-home consultation, contact Anthony Rich at 267-201-7509 or

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