Langhorne author announces debut novel

Langhorne author Charlotte Parker Caminos spent many years working in business and industry, until 2017, when she decided to focus exclusively on writing.

Since then, she has authored a number of short stories, several articles on management, and a self-published children’s book, “We Have a New Baby at Our House,” which is geared towards children ages 2-8 who may be struggling to cope with the challenges that go along with accepting a new member of the family into the household.

Charlotte’s newest publication is a debut novel about the hardships and opportunities that faced immigrants to the United States at the turn of the century.

“New Beginnings: Annabelle’s Story” follows the titular protagonist from her journey to and disembarkation at Ellis Island, through her earliest days as a new arrival in a land so far removed from the Old Country.

Tragically, Annabelle’s young daughter Paula perishes during the ocean voyage, leaving the grieving mother scarred and in desperate need of support. S

he turns toward a community of her fellow immigrants.

On the way to Ellis Island, we’re introduced to Alfredo, an Italian immigrant whose rocky engagement to the uptight Lucia becomes even less desirable when he finds himself falling for Annabelle, who soon discovers in the young man a chance to repair her broken heart and build a new life worth living.

Upon her arrival, Annabelle is taken in by relatives, Janos and Rowena, whose generosity is tested by their guest’s despondency, however justifiable it may be.

This becomes especially true for Rowena, who just wants to enjoy a peaceful life with her new husband.

And we meet Grandmother Margaret, a healer whose gentleness and grace are essential in lifting Annabelle out of her grief.

A retired schoolteacher and graduate of Fordham University’s history department, this time of growth and transition in the U.S. has long been of particular interest to Caminos.

Fellow history buffs will find much to admire in the rich interplay between the novel’s large cast of immigrants, each of whom is looking to preserve their past while forging a bright future.

“New Beginnings: Annabelle’s Story” is available in both digital and print versions through HPN Books.

It can be purchased on as well as on Barnes and Noble Online.

PHOTO CAP: Charlotte Parker Caminos

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